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Urgently! The vacancy of Tour Scout, Barkeeper and Photo Assistant was opened to the German company ...
В апреле ( дата будет уточнена)2008 года состоиться очередное интервью с представителями PRINCESS CR...
В феврале 2008 года состоится очередное интервью с представителями PRINCESS CRUISES(USA)и CUNARD (UK...

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     Passing of industrial practice by students is a necessary condition of training process. The industrial practice lasts between 1 week to 3 months, depending on the program of student' studying. Practice is carried out in the middle and at the end of training at the best restaurants, hotels and boarding houses of Yalta.
     The industrial practice practically enables students to apply all knowledge received during training. Simultaneously it helps to get working skills which will be useful to more successful beginning of work after the termination of training.


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